Chrisopigi Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ML Can)

Chrisopigi EVOO

Multiple Gold Award-Winner. Fully Certified. Vegan.  Raw and Unrefined.  Kosher Certified.  EU Health Claim Certified. High Smoke Point Certified. Low Acidity. Picked fresh and mechanically cold extracted within hours.

Discover what makes Gaia Fine Foods the ultimate EVOO experience today.

Customer Reviews

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Shweta .

I did not know what real Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) tastes like until I tasted GAIA FINE FOODS EVOO. When I cooked food in it for the first time, I instantly felt the difference. The food was non greasy and there was no aftertaste. I have used it in baking, making dips and crepes, and everything turned out better. It is pure and is of superior quality. No wonder, It has become my favourite EVOO. I would recommend everyone to try it.

I also love the fact that their EVOO is made from premium quality olives that are harvested, handpicked and mechanically extracted on the island of Crete, Greece.

I am big supporter of small family owned businesses and really love GAIA FINE foods dedication and quest to bring fully certified, best quality food products to Canada from around the world and to our doorsteps.

You are very sweet Shweta! We are so ecstatic that you enjoyed our products. Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. Looking forward to taking you on our food transparency journey. Stay well and healthy :-)

Honey .

Love the amazing packaging and taste of the olive oil. Used in cooking pasta and it turned out wonderful. Can't wait to use in day to day cooking.

Hrishi D.

I will shar epics later, just tried for salad and its so good.

Jessica .

We love making fresh bread. Having a quality oil to dip it in makes all the difference. We found this oil to be extremely smooth with no bitter aftertaste. We will be repurchasing for sure!

Christina L.

The oil was very flavorful, tasted great on its own in a salad and also cooked well. I roasted potatoes in the oven at high heat and resulted in extra crispy fries, a noticeable difference compared to average olive oil brands. I would recommend this product to a friend looking to add a high quality extra virgin olive oil to their pantry!