Chrisopigi EVOO

This Gold Award-Winning, 100% Cold Extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an experience like no other. With delightful hints of citrus, ripe tropical fruits, subtle spices, herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, and green nuts, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is phenomenal straight from the bottle, on your favourite greens, or as a transcendent flavour booster for any meal. A sensory delight, Chrisopigi Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts a stunningly clear golden hue, a vibrant bouquet on the nose, tremendous flavour, and a non-greasy mouthfeel that will leave you speechless.

Chrisopigi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested from October to January from the highly revered olive orchards of Crete, Greece. Boasting the highest ratings possible in flavour and purity, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil includes no additives or supplemental oils – with every last drop coming straight from Chrisopigi's olive trees up to 500 years old.

Vegan. Raw and unrefined. Kosher certified. Low acidity. Picked fresh and cold extracted within hours. The level of detail and care that goes into our Chrisopigi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is nothing short of remarkable – and it shows. With no bitter aftertaste and light, rich, and creamy flavour, unlike anything you've ever tasted before. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for frying, delightful for dipping, magnificent for marinading, and brilliant for baking.

Delicious, healthy, and remarkably addicting – and we wouldn't have it any other way.