Wood Shop

At Gaia, we believe in making the most out of the resources Mother Earth has provided to us. We take the time to cultivate and celebrate the wonders that nature holds for us to build a happier, healthier, and more sustainable life. Located within the beautiful backdrop of Canada, we have access to some of the most incredible hardwoods found anywhere in the world. Much like Greece, it is the best place to source your EVOO; Canada is where the world goes to find the finest lumber.

We specialize in charcuterie boards, cutting boards and cheese boards with breathtaking designs that have been personally prepared and milled. Each piece is handcrafted, delivering a uniqueness that is sure to become a treasured item in your home kitchen. Our woodworking team individually selects each wood to showcase its characteristic natural properties, guaranteeing you a one-of-a-kind product. No two pieces are ever the same, with their unique characteristics, making it a memorable gift for any occasion. Our process offers boards that are silky smooth and impressively durable with zero dyes or stains. Featuring kiln-dried wood sourced in the Niagara Region, our boards are sealed with FDA-qualified food-safe Danish oil and beeswax. Additionally, we fill any voids with food-safe, FDA-approved epoxy resin.

Every lumber is ethically sourced in Ontario, Canada, from sustainably managed forests that help support our local communities, protect our forest health and preserves biodiversity for the future.

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