Chrisopigi EVOO

Chrisopigi EVOO is grown on a single estate, producing limited quantities by an artisan through traditional Cretan methods utilizing mechanical extraction without any chemicals. This monovarietal Koroneiki olive is known to be the richest in polyphenols than any other olive. Essential factors form an excellent quality, well-balanced extra virgin olive oil that is nutritionally dense.

Its purity, acidity, peroxide, oxidation stress and absorption levels are superior to the International Olive Council Standard and the European Union regulations. Based on these prerequisites, annual chemical and sensory testing by an internationally recognized, third-party chemical laboratory analyzes the chemical composition of Chrisopigi’s extra virgin olive oil.

This exceptional olive oil is excellent for deep frying with a high smoke point at 215°C/419°F – taste the noticeable difference in your cooking and experience deep-fried foods guilty free with your family.
We apply transparency based on scientific-factual chemical composition and laboratory smoking point tested, which we make readily available for everyone to verify.