After each harvest, Chrisopigi EVOO voluntarily completes a chemical analysis and assessment designed to ensure the extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality, nutritious, and well-developed before bottling, packaging, and selling. This in-depth analysis includes nutrient information, a detailed review of fatty acid composition, smoking point identification, organoleptic evaluation, and finally, purity.

Lead by the International Olive Council's (IOC) strict regulations and guidelines, Chrisopigi EVOO painstakingly focuses on every aspect of flavour, nutrition, and purity. With the support of these chemical analyses, consumers can rest assured knowing that each product has been thoroughly tested, vetted, and verified for unsurpassed quality.

Chrisopigi EVOO is sent to world-renowned Multichrom Lab, an IOC-recognized laboratory with olive oil industry experts specializing in both the chemical and sensory analysis of EVOO. By working with Multichrom Lab, Chrisopigi EVOO is going the extra mile to ensure premium products that meet and exceed all nutritional, chemical, sensory, and purity standards. As a result, this superior EVOO is sure to delight any palette.

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