Microclimate & Agriculture

The little things count in significant ways to create delicious, delicate, and pure Chrisopigi EVOO. This extra virgin olive oil, named after the specific village in Crete, Chrisopigi, is produced, harvested and extracted each season. Chrisopigi's specific microclimate and agricultural methods significantly impact the olives, organoleptic characteristics, and nutrition. The mountainous terrain provides lower temperatures, fluid ventilation, and less humidity to the warm, direct Mediterranean sun – Chrisopigi EVOO is a superior product due almost entirely to the microclimate and its agriculture practices.

Beyond the way the microclimate impacts the aromatics and flavours of the EVOO, the pruning schedule is also critical to delivering an exquisite product and maintaining sustainable practices. Mindful pruning helps establish the balance between vegetation and fruition, shortens the non-productive season, preserves natural moisture in the branches, and helps avoid early deterioration of the olive tree. Add in natural soil fertilization, Crete's dry air, and traditional harvesting practices, and no wonder Chrisopigi EVOO stands alone as one of the best olive oils on Earth.