What is PDO and why does it matter?

Chrisopigi EVOO is a Protective Designation of Origin (PDO) certified product that adheres to the stringent and unwavering requirements set forth by the International Olive Council, the European Food Safety Association, and the European Commission. Its superior quality, traditional growing methods, and active commitment to maintaining sustainability practices that meet the highest standards showcase its incomparable uniqueness, and naturally made products are never mass-produced. In addition, the European Union's Protected Designation of Origin is a certification system that ensures the product's authenticity allowing consumers to identify premium goods confidentially and quickly.

'Designation of origin' is a name of a region that identifies with the specific product. For example, Chrisopigi EVOO's region is Sitia, displayed on the packaging. In addition, the producer must adhere to specific requirements as a PDO-certified product as per the following:

(1) both products and raw materials must originate in their preset delimited geographical area of origin.

(2) the quality or characteristics are essential or exclusive to a particular geographical environment which it inherits unique natural features; and 

(3) the production methods must occur in its defined geographical area are traditional practices passed down from many generations proven safe, effective, and delectable.

Chrisopigi EVOO is cultivated and exclusively produced on the island of Crete in the village of Chrisopigi. Known as "The Golden Source," it is nestled in the Sitia mountains surrounded by the iconic Mediterranean Sea along with these undeniably fertile lands, where the Mediterranean sun transforms the common olive into an utter delicacy and delight. Throughout the Mediterranean, particularly in Chrisopigi, the love and appreciation for olives and olive oil goes beyond a simple food product designed to enhance flavour and elevate meals. Instead, it is a passionate dedication to a widely recognized product as an essential component to a happy, healthy, and joyous life of longevity.

Beyond the regional dedication and commitment to this Mediterranean liquid bloodline, authentic Chrisopigi EVOO is fully certified. Each product comes from a traceable, single-origin, ethically produced and guaranteed to deliver premium quality extra virgin olive oil within the preset delimited geographical area. Utilizing excellent care and consideration to cultivate, select, and curate the perfect crop with the right amount of acidity and avoiding any flavour flaws, Chrisopigi EVOO is amongst the world's purest extra virgin olive oil.

How PDO Certifications Guarantee Superior EVOO

In the world of quality food products, there is no name more impressive certification than PDO. Known for delivering transparent, honest, and unflinching examination and accreditation of some of the world's most outstanding delicacies, PDO-certified foods reflect a commitment to excellence on behalf of the producer, both in product quality and dedication to preserving traditional food processing practices.

A Protected Designation of Origin certification system promotes authenticity, which helps consumers distinguish imitation products. Among the focuses are purity, origin, flavours, processes, and a passionate commitment to sustainable agriculture and ethical practices that protect the purity of the lands and honour the country known for creating this premium quality product.

At Gaia Fine Foods, we are committed to providing only high-quality, fully certified, and ethically sourced EVOOs and food products for our customers. Therefore, our customers can rest easy knowing the PDO logo will appear clearly on the packaging of the olive oil product we offer and a registered EC number verifiable directly on the EU website. If, for some reason, you purchase a product that does not have a matching EC number, please report it to the EU website immediately, as mislabeling represents a fraudulent product and seller. However, you can rest assured that every product you receive from Gaia Fine Foods is guaranteed to be fully certified, 100% authentic, and always ethically sourced.