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Absolutely delicious! One of the best honeys I have ever tried. Also the hospitality of Gaia fine foods was 10 stars, wonderful experience!

We really appreciate your feedback and delighted you loved the honey Mariya! Stay tuned for more yummy treats to come :-)

I did not know what real Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) tastes like until I tasted GAIA FINE FOODS EVOO. When I cooked food in it for the first time, I instantly felt the difference. The food was non greasy and there was no aftertaste. I have used it in baking, making dips and crepes, and everything turned out better. It is pure and is of superior quality. No wonder, It has become my favourite EVOO. I would recommend everyone to try it.

I also love the fact that their EVOO is made from premium quality olives that are harvested, handpicked and mechanically extracted on the island of Crete, Greece.

I am big supporter of small family owned businesses and really love GAIA FINE foods dedication and quest to bring fully certified, best quality food products to Canada from around the world and to our doorsteps.

You are very sweet Shweta! We are so ecstatic that you enjoyed our products. Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. Looking forward to taking you on our food transparency journey. Stay well and healthy :-)

I really like this product as it gives a very gentle and creamy lather. Made with only 100% olive oil, I can really smell the olive fragrance and feel the smooth and moisturizing properties of this soap, making it perfect for people who have sensitive and dry skin such as myself.

I was especially captured by the beautiful amber colour of the honey when I first saw it. It's sweet with a delightful aroma that goes perfectly on with anything. It is rich and smooth that I use it as a replacement to sugar not only for its taste but also added health benefit from this great honey product.

The oil is very fresh and tastes great! Thank you!

Love the amazing packaging and taste of the olive oil. Used in cooking pasta and it turned out wonderful. Can't wait to use in day to day cooking.

It is a great product. Good packaging and easy to use. Love it!

I will shar epics later, just tried for salad and its so good.

We love making fresh bread. Having a quality oil to dip it in makes all the difference. We found this oil to be extremely smooth with no bitter aftertaste. We will be repurchasing for sure!

The oil was very flavorful, tasted great on its own in a salad and also cooked well. I roasted potatoes in the oven at high heat and resulted in extra crispy fries, a noticeable difference compared to average olive oil brands. I would recommend this product to a friend looking to add a high quality extra virgin olive oil to their pantry!

We have used it in our salads so far and OH MY what an amazing taste! We will try in more recipes soon and I am sure we will find it just as amazing! Thank You so much for the opportunity to try it! Give it 100% greatness!

Love this product! My whole family uses this soap! It's so gentle on my skin and leaves no residue!would definitely reccomend this product!!

We couldn't agree more, Rose! We love this soap too! Thank you very much for your review!!!

Love the product!! I dont need to use alot of. It is tasty as well. Excellent customer service as well!! Would definitely recommend it!

We are really appreciate your commentary Rose! Thank you so much

This extra virgin olive oil is amazing! It works great in any recipes and I love that it comes in such a convenient package. I also really like the taste of the olive oil, as it’s rich and tasty.

Thank you Sophie for your sending us your review. This helps our business immensely!

Thank you for sending me this wonderful olive oil. The aroma and taste brought me back to Greece. My family absolutely loved it, especially its delicious versatility.

Its important for me to use quality ingredients in my cooking and what I serve to my family and friends. Love that it is certified as true olive oil and that the olives are hand-picked and mechanically pressed by an olive farm in Crete. Very special indeed.

We are delighted that you and your family enjoyed the experience with our EVOO, Irene. Your review means the world to us!

The Olive Oil is one of the most versatile oils I have ever used for cold or hot dishes.

It's the perfect partner for steamed Chinese vegetables or for a vinaigrette for salads!

I highly recommend trying this oil!

We are ecstatic you enjoyed it Arnold! Thank you for your kind words.

Love the packaging design and very good quality oil, perfect for cooking and salads.

It smells sooooo good! Love it!

This is not your average olive oil. Most olive oils are there as a means to an end when it comes to cooking, but this one is made to enjoy with your food. It is very light, not overpowering the dish but complementing it. It is herbaceous and peppery with just a touch of fruitiness, perfect for virtually any dish!

Received a sample of Chrisopigi Extra Virgin Olive Oil...
My new favourite!!
Wow. Such a fresh and full of taste olive oil.
It's no joke why this oil has won best in world a few times..
Ordered a full size bottle. Can't wait till it arrives!

Thanks so much for your kind words Doug!

Amazing product! It tastes so amazing and cooks my food evenly and perfectly. The team is also super friendly and informative! I will definitely buy it again!!

We really appreciate your feedback Rose!

Amazing product! This soap cleans my skin and my toddlers skin so nicely. It leaves no residue at all and makes my skin feel so soft! I will definitely buy this again for my whole family! The team is also amazing to deal with; they are so kind and informative!

Thank you so much for your feedback Rose. We are really happy you can feel the benefits of using unadulterated EVOO soap. Enjoy!

An amazing EVOO that won't disappoint! The oil has a translucent golden-green hue, it's aromatic and preserves all the goodness of raw olive. It is very flavourful and is so versatile while still preserving all the goodness and nutrient values. I used it as a baguette accompaniment, rice seasoning, searing and even frying oil. Its exceptional quality continues to amaze me every moment.

We are delighted that we can share this EVOO with you, Lucy!

We loved using the Chrisopigi Extra Virigin Oil in our everyday cooking! It’s versatile to use and for us, as a family that spends our quality time together cooking dinner, we used this oil in many dishes. It’s high quality and non greasy taste makes it great to use for homemade hummus and salad dressings

We are so happy that you share our love for this EVOO, Ashley! Thank you

I’ve always thought EVOO was more of a staple pantry item - never really as a flavour enhancer but with Gaia Fine Foods this idea changed. When tasted side by side with generic EVOO, the difference was day and night. It was clearer, fruitier and had a slight bitterness that elevated my cooking (e.g pasta, fries, even just with bread). Would recommend purchasing it!