Full table. Happy hearts. Food that brings people together.

The world is a stunning and remarkable place filled with wonder, possibility, and culinary delights – and at Gaia Fine Foods, we are passionate about bringing all of it to your table. 

Founded in 2020 and fuelled by our intense love for exquisite cuisine and fare, Gaia Fine Food is North America's connection to the tasty delights grown under the Mediterranean sun and on the magical Cretan terroir.  We believe that food does so much more than feed our body – it invigorates our soul.  With each bite, smell, slurp, and taste, we can travel throughout history and experience the wonder of the distant island of Crete.  Our team has dedicated years of our lives seeking out the most exceptional and phenomenal foods from farmers and sustainable growers committed to providing our customers with premium, nutritious, and sublime goods.

Ignite tastebuds and nourish the body with our products that astounds even our Grecian clientele – Gaia Fine Foods delivers high-quality, healthy, and sustainable delicacies verified to be authentic and natural, offering full transparency direct to your door. 

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the exceptional quality and incredible flavours our products offer.  We are honoured to have a seat at your table.

Welcome again to Gaia Find Foods:  For our table and yours.